Heard Capital LLC (the "Firm") invests in public equities in the technology, media, telecommunication, financial and industrial sectors.  The regulatory structures, competitive landscape, demographics and historical biases within these industries often results in misunderstandings and inefficiencies, thereby creating investment opportunities.  


The Firm analyzes opportunities on a global basis, utilizing fundamental, bottom up analysis and leveraging the team’s 15+ years of investment experience.  The Firm targets investments in companies that provide an essential product or process, have a strong economic moat, demonstrate strong alignment of interests with shareholders but tend to be misunderstood by the market.  


The firm invests in a concentrated, long-term manner across its two vehicles:

  • Heard Opportunity Fund seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns while preserving capital across market environments.
  • Heard High Conviction Long Only Fund focuses on capital appreciation for investors with a longer investment horizon.