Responsible Investing

Heard Capital (the "Firm") has strong and established policies and procedures related to diversity, talent development and contribution to the community.  In addition, the Firm invests in what it believes is a socially responsible manner.  The Firm believes responsible investing policies allow it to increase alpha generation and expand its impact over the long-term.  


Diversity, equity and responsibility are cornerstones of the Firm's structure.  The Firm has a diverse talent pool, maintains a fair and equitable compensation structure and conducts its operations with a view of environmental sustainability, focusing on responsible consumption.


The Firm believes its investing policy will ensure its assets are invested in companies that commit to and execute on sustainable practices. As part of its investment processes, the Firm conduct extensive fundamental analysis of a company, its competitors and industry prior to investing. Among other factors, it considers a company’s strengths, weaknesses, economic moat, supply chain and management team. The Firm also conducts an extensive analysis of the company’s corporate governance, alignment of interests and approach to human capital. Heard Capital analysis also includes environmental and social concerns that may impact the company’s financial performance, reputation or long-term sustainability.


When an environmental or social issue is identified, the Firm will seek to quantify and measure the impact of remediating such issues and use its relationships with the market and companies to discuss the implementation of such measures. Investment decisions will be made after taking into consideration such of such discussions and in line with its obligations to investors and goal of generating alpha.


The Firm and its employees also believe in contributing to sustainability in a meaningful way outside of day-to-day investment activities.  The Firm and its employees support organizations that create a more sustainable and equitable future. The Firm sponsors a number of organizations dedicated to creating opportunities for underrepresented communities and its employees support a variety of environmental and social justice oriented organizations. 


Heard Capital is a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).